Thursday, June 4, 2009


My art piece has tiles and it’s made from concrete. The stone I made has tiles. They are pink, white, and purple and it’s shaped like a bird. Landscaping is a fun project so I’ve enjoyed it a lot. My art is about nature. My piece stands for nature. It is a nature like project that is absolutely floral. And my name is Kiyah .


My name is Will. I like art and technology. When you put technology and art together, you have Techno Art. I enjoyed very much working outside in the garden. My job was to water the plants. I also liked making my cement- concrete tile. I used different shapes, like, circles, hearts, leaves and different colors. I am very happy to know that this garden will be here at Valley wood forever. Many future students will enjoy it. Thank you for all your help.


My design was messed up but my design was flowers made out of glass.
If you make your pieces to small then your concrete design will be messed up.



The nature of my design is the moon in the sky. The artist that inspired me was Georgia O’keefe because she is a wonderful artist and her artwork really inspires me. When I was thinking of what I should do I saw the moon and I said I was going to my design on the moon.



Wednesday, June 3, 2009


My tile is a mosaic style. i was not influenced by anyone. I used rocks, stain glass, glass dots, and lots of other things too. I used contact paper to stick the stuff to and then i put it on the bottem of the mold and poured the concreate on top. I really like my tile i hope You do too.My tile is just a cool idea i came up with in my head. It is a circle and it looks kind of like a firework. I had the rocks covered in cement then i uncovered it by hitting it with a hammer. It was really fun and im glad i got the chance to do this.


My tile is a circle that has imprints of footprints to make it look like people have walked over it. I used three different colors to stain it. The idea originated from when famous people put their hand-prints in front of new buildings in concrete. I then thought it would be cool to do that with footprints. But not just two nest to each other would be b then I thought, it'll oring, andlook cool if it has footprints all over it. I didn't go all out and put prints everywhere, but it still looks cool. So I took some old shoes I had and pressed them into the tile after it was almost dry. Imprinting is my favorite technique be cause it requires more hands-on work.


I am going to tell you about our tiles. We were inspired by Georgia O'Keefe and Frank Lloyd Wright. My tile is a mosaic with flowers and hearts in it. Georgia O'Keefe worked a lot with flowers and nature so we had to look at a lot of each of the artist's work to get ideas. First, we had to get our ideas for a design. Then we had to create our design. Then with my design, I had to put my shapes on sticky paper. When I got ready to pour I had to put my design on the table then we poured the concrete over it then smoothed it out.


My tile has a star on it. My tile is a part of nature because stars shows up at night. No artists influenced be to make my project like how it is. I pretty much came up with it on the spot and put a whole bunch of broken tile pieces on it. The materials I used were green rocks, shattered bathroom tiles, and a all white tiles. I really didn't use any Techniques. I just felt what looked right and put in on the concrete.


Hey, I'm Lexi my 8th grade art and technology class has designed and built a garden with stepping stones and plants.Our project is mostly based on nature. A lot of the stones have nature themes to them. But others have their own theme. My influence on my concrete stone was from Georgia O'Keeffe. She paints many flowers and that's what my concrete stone looks like. But I put my own twist on it though. I put it off to the side, so it's only half of the flower. Then in the blank area, I placed broken mirror pieces in random. We used concrete, and we either embedded tiles,stencils, glass, or shells.


Well our park space/garden is coming along just fine. Everyone has now made their own tile and most are in the ground. Most of every ones has been inspired by nature; feathers and even shells. For the tiles we used concrete and John and Tyler colored their whole tile with a Israel brown dye. Most of all the girls took these tiny tiles and put them in their tiles. I used stain to make a square MC Escher tessellation, some say mine looks like a butterfly but a I think it looks like bat. Escher is my favorite artist- he was a graphic artist and made tessellations and cool optical illusions.To start mine I took a copy of a painting from Escher. Then I traced on the design on the tile.Then I stained mine black and red and i think it can be seen from google earth! I like most every ones tiles but Zach's is my favorite. His is a circle that has footprints embedded on it and its stained blue, red and purple. To make the space we laid cardboard cut outs and laid them down to see what design we wanted to make. Then some teachers donated plants for the garden. We have Hostas, Blacked Eyed Susan's, Irises and Day liles. Were are almost done and i am very happy about that.

Tyler & John

My friend John and I made our tile that basicly relates to nature. We made a 2 demensional deer head out of cardboard. First we found a picture of a deer, made an over head copy, then put the copy of the deer on an over head perjecter and put a peice of card bord up in the aim of the over head picture, then we traced it. After all the struggling traceing the deer head we cut the traced deer head out. Then we poured a couple pails into an 18 by 18 square. We smoothed it out and then we imbeded the deer head into the cement. Then we let it dry for a day. Then we put a white dust on the top part of the 18 by 18 square, and then took the deer head out of the square.

My friend John went out and bought concrete from the store with his own money just to help us.


I am positive most of you guys know about our 6th hour art/tech class. We have been doing things be side's complaining and manual labor. To start off we dug up a lot of grass or "sod." After we finished wasting I mean using grass that tax paid for. We also made wood frames for all of them. We poured our concrete into our wood frames (as well as on the ground). Some people did frames with shapes like circles, squares, rectangles and I was the only one who made the oval with the Haloz 3 Symbol. Some people embedded things like shells, glass mirrors, rocks, and stones. Others made cardboard imprints to make a more accurate reprensentation. We also learned that never try to move a tile without letting it dry for quite a while (yes that means some broke). After we were mainly finished with that we went back to the landscaping (manual labor) side. We unearthed some donated plants. We also started laying out tiles. We eventually found one that works (after all the looking through pictures on the cell phone for the originals) We got the center part done with wood chips in between. Right now we are cleaning it up and trying to finish the project up. Thanks for reading.


The natural things on my tile are the shells and the marbles. Well i wouldnt really consider the marbles natural because, they look like they were man made somewhere in a factory.They are the marbles you find inside of a design in your living room or something at your home. I don't think Georgia O' Keefe influenced me in any way. I used my own style and created something I thought would creative and that would fit my personality.As well as Frank Lloyd Wright he didn't influence me in any way because, I can't even remember his art work or any of his methods the ways he us to do his art work. For me to complete my tile I had to use small ceramic squares, sea shells, buttons, marbles, and pebles. Last, the technique iI used was enbedding them while the cement was still wet. I place them on ther carefully because if I didn't it would leave marks and it wouldn't be as smoove i wanted it to be.


My tile is a Georgia O'Keefe flower. It was made of concrete,and colored glass pieces that i aranged in the shape of my flower. I first drew my picture or my flower. The Igot some type of stinky tape and taped it down over my drawing. Aftre that I just cut up the pieces of glass &nd layed them across on my flower. When i was all done with the design i got some dry concrete mixed it with water, and mixed it up. When the concrete was ready I pour it on top of my drawing so that when it dried i could flip it over, and see the design. I used pink, and green glass pieces for my Georgia O'Keefe flower. Now that it is dry me,and my class dug up dirt so that our srone concrete could be stone steps for our school.


One thing about my concrete piece is that it deals with nature. It deals with nature because it has nature like qualities to it. It has a sort of floral design. It is circular and colorful. I personally think it’s a creative design of nature. It is professional and neat. It’s like a beautiful flower with different shades of blue all in it. My piece is a form of expression of nature and I got all of my ideas from looking at Georgia O’Keeffe art works that Frank Lloyd Wright collected, they were my inspiration.


Hi hello my name is Daymar and my job in making a stepping stone was basically everything but making other peoples tile. My tile was going to be a cloud with a sun, lighting bolts with blue, inside the clouds frame. But it turned out to be a smiley face in a cloud so that’s what I made it and everyone liked it so I kept it that way. My theme in the stepping stone was go sky natural and my colors where blue and black. Also people liked my theme so like usual I stuck with it and many wanted to copy me. So I was happy that I had let out my true colors through art. Also my tile sticks out and it is very noticeable.


On my stone I have the continent of America. I used clay red and blue paint and stones. I also have a showing of the Indian and pacific ocean’s. A technique I used is I imbedded a picture of America on there. My whole picture was a circle. I colored the ocean blue and the continent blue.


The nature of my design is the flower that I made on my tile and the concrete I used for the background. But the things that I used to color the flower in were not part of nature.
That is what I used for nature on my tile. The artist that influenced me the most was Georgia O’Keefe because of her amazing art work and beautiful flowers. That is way she is my influence in art. The materials I used were marble looking things to go on my flowers. The technique I used were poreing concrete into a square and smooth it out till there were no bumps


Okay, I’m Mckinzie, I’m in art/technology were making these designs. The designs were about nature, or other things but they were suppose to be about nature. I was influence by Georgia O’ Keefe by my design. She painted flowers and just did landscaping photos. Frank Lloyd Wright was another one but I was more influenced by Georgia O’ Keefe. The materials were landscaping tools and you had to dig holes outside for the garden. You had to draw shapes before you got to do the mold. Then you had too wait for about two days to sit out and dry before you got to get it out of the shape. Mine had these little stones in my mold that were colored.


I’m Nicole. I made a tile for art/technology. I mad my tile with glass and tiles. I made doves with glass around it. Io made doves because the bird the dove is a sign for peace and it really represents me. I hope when people look at my tile they love it like I do. I made a sun with the doves to make a happy vibe coming from it. I really worked hard on it and I hope everyone loves it.


For my tile i was inspired by Georgia O'Keeffe. In art class i saw a lot of Georgia's work, which was mostly flowers. She inspired me to make a flower for my concrete. By putting mosaics on contact paper before i made my design i was able to put it on my tile. First we created the form of our tile. Then we mixed concrete to put in to our tile. But like me i layed down the contact paper under my form so when i pour in the concrete my design is on there. I would like to call my design on my tile o'keeffe's nature,because the nature and Georgia inspired me.


hi, i am tahtyanah and i did my tile like
this because i like the colors they are very
cool and i also like making shapes because
shapes are very cool. it was fun making the
tile. my favorite part of making the tile was
puting the cement on the desighn.

to make the tile you have to do the make
the desighn first, then after you make the
desighn you put toghether the shape your
desighn with wood, then you put it on top
of your desighn then you get some concrete
then you pour the concrete in the shape.
when it is dry you take the wood off the

when the the tile is dry you put it
out side some where. htis is very cool
you should try it sometime.