Wednesday, June 3, 2009


The natural things on my tile are the shells and the marbles. Well i wouldnt really consider the marbles natural because, they look like they were man made somewhere in a factory.They are the marbles you find inside of a design in your living room or something at your home. I don't think Georgia O' Keefe influenced me in any way. I used my own style and created something I thought would creative and that would fit my personality.As well as Frank Lloyd Wright he didn't influence me in any way because, I can't even remember his art work or any of his methods the ways he us to do his art work. For me to complete my tile I had to use small ceramic squares, sea shells, buttons, marbles, and pebles. Last, the technique iI used was enbedding them while the cement was still wet. I place them on ther carefully because if I didn't it would leave marks and it wouldn't be as smoove i wanted it to be.

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