Wednesday, June 3, 2009


I am positive most of you guys know about our 6th hour art/tech class. We have been doing things be side's complaining and manual labor. To start off we dug up a lot of grass or "sod." After we finished wasting I mean using grass that tax paid for. We also made wood frames for all of them. We poured our concrete into our wood frames (as well as on the ground). Some people did frames with shapes like circles, squares, rectangles and I was the only one who made the oval with the Haloz 3 Symbol. Some people embedded things like shells, glass mirrors, rocks, and stones. Others made cardboard imprints to make a more accurate reprensentation. We also learned that never try to move a tile without letting it dry for quite a while (yes that means some broke). After we were mainly finished with that we went back to the landscaping (manual labor) side. We unearthed some donated plants. We also started laying out tiles. We eventually found one that works (after all the looking through pictures on the cell phone for the originals) We got the center part done with wood chips in between. Right now we are cleaning it up and trying to finish the project up. Thanks for reading.

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