Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Tyler & John

My friend John and I made our tile that basicly relates to nature. We made a 2 demensional deer head out of cardboard. First we found a picture of a deer, made an over head copy, then put the copy of the deer on an over head perjecter and put a peice of card bord up in the aim of the over head picture, then we traced it. After all the struggling traceing the deer head we cut the traced deer head out. Then we poured a couple pails into an 18 by 18 square. We smoothed it out and then we imbeded the deer head into the cement. Then we let it dry for a day. Then we put a white dust on the top part of the 18 by 18 square, and then took the deer head out of the square.

My friend John went out and bought concrete from the store with his own money just to help us.

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