Wednesday, June 3, 2009


Well our park space/garden is coming along just fine. Everyone has now made their own tile and most are in the ground. Most of every ones has been inspired by nature; feathers and even shells. For the tiles we used concrete and John and Tyler colored their whole tile with a Israel brown dye. Most of all the girls took these tiny tiles and put them in their tiles. I used stain to make a square MC Escher tessellation, some say mine looks like a butterfly but a I think it looks like bat. Escher is my favorite artist- he was a graphic artist and made tessellations and cool optical illusions.To start mine I took a copy of a painting from Escher. Then I traced on the design on the tile.Then I stained mine black and red and i think it can be seen from google earth! I like most every ones tiles but Zach's is my favorite. His is a circle that has footprints embedded on it and its stained blue, red and purple. To make the space we laid cardboard cut outs and laid them down to see what design we wanted to make. Then some teachers donated plants for the garden. We have Hostas, Blacked Eyed Susan's, Irises and Day liles. Were are almost done and i am very happy about that.

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